SPA au capital social de 3 000 000 000 DA
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The main algerian company in wood trading, ENAB acquired a good experience as well as a perfect knowledge of the local and international market which allow its customers and suppliers to be more confident.

Acting In an environment becoming more and more competitive, ENAB accentuates its efforts in order to consolidate its place in the market ant in particular by offering to its customers others products related to building materials, such as cement, tiles, briks……

Of its own large sales network installed in particular along the cost, ENAB has a storage capacity of more than 700 000 m2.

The company’s force resides in the very important reception capacity of the imported goods from abroad by using its (09) infrastructures installed in close proximity to the main Algerian ports.

To satisfy fully its customers, ENAB led significant investments linked with modern handling equipment as well as weighing facilities.



Siège social : 2 boulevard Mohamed V Alger (Algérie )
Tel : 213 21 78 13 97/78 13 95
Fax : 213 21 78 13 98 / 78 14 06
Registre de Commerce no : 98 B 0006 032